Angel Tutu

Angel Tutu

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Angels and little children just seem to go together, don’t they? Children naturally look angelic, even when they are up to mischief, but this stunning white tutu with its matching feathery wings will make your little angel look even more like the real thing!

These bouncy layers of flowing, white sparkly tulle and the light, feather-soft wings will ignite your little girl’s imagination and make her feel like she could float up and fly at any moment, whether she is running around or just standing still.

No angel would be complete without a halo and this angel tutu costume is no exception. The easiest way to make a halo is simply to use a silver tiara as shown in the photo. However, you can also create a more ethereal style of halo by making a loop of the same fluffy boa as the wings. Her angelic face really won’t need any makeup to complete the look, but adding a little light glitter could be a fun addition, anyway.

This easy-to-make tutu is as versatile as it is gorgeous. Not only does this heavenly white tutu make a perfect costume for Halloween or a Christmas pageant, but leave off the wings and the flowing, shimmering tulle makes this outfit a great dress for a flower girl! Your child could even wear the wingless version to her make-believe wedding during dress up games. You could even make it in other colors to create a dress for other fancy occasions. The best part is it requires no sewing to make!

When you purchase our step-by-step instructional course you will learn how to create this angel tutu along with many others! “How To Make Tutu Costumes” contains all the information you need to create a wide assortment of unique and beautiful boutique quality tutus for nearly every occasion, without the expensive boutique price! We have all the information you will need to get started right away, including tips and tricks for making the perfect tutu. Order your copy now and you could be making tutus for your little girl today!

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