Rapunzel Tutu

Rapunzel Tutu

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What little girl wouldn’t be thrilled to look like a fairytale princess? Wait until she sees herself in the mirror, twirling around as layers of fluffy tulle fly out around her, just like in her dreams! What a wonderful gift for any girl!

This romantic Rapunzel tutu costume starts with a skirt in layers of floaty purple and pink tulle, creating an illusion of changing colors. A dainty pink tulle bow with long pink streamers accents the skirt and flutters with every breeze. The top is mock-laced in the Medieval style by pretty pink ribbon, and accented with pink and purple sleeves to match the skirt. To finish the fantasy, add a glittery tiara for the complete princess look. She’ll be the queen of the ball at birthday or costume parties, for Halloween or dress-up time. And who wouldn’t treasure pictures of an adorable princess?

Best of all, it isn’t hard for Moms, Grandmothers or even Big Sisters to make this lovely costume. You don’t even have to sew! All you need is our instructional video course that guides you all the way through creating gorgeous NO-SEW tutus! You’ll be surprised at how fast and easy they are to make.

Start with our basic course: HOW TO MAKE TUTUS REVEALED teaches you all the basics of making no-sew tutus. Includes 12 video lessons plus a 60-page eBook for making 11 basic tutu styles. Then go on to HOW TO MAKE TUTU COSTUMES, the ultimate instructional course in additional techniques for making beautiful tutu dresses and skirts. Includes the RAPUNZEL TUTU COSTUME, 12 video lessons and a 130-page eBook for making 12 complete costumes.

Here’s what you’ll get:

Easy-to-follow DVD video guides and a illustrated e-book
STEP-BY-STEP instructions for making NO-SEW tutus
Tips and Techniques for creating the perfect tutu
Instant access to online videos
Tutu Size charts
Working with tulle
List of tools and supplies
100% Satisfaction Guarantee!
… and much more!


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