How To Make Tutu Costumes

Ideas For Tutu Costumes

Tutu costumes do not have to be expensive. With a little creativity and know how, you can learn how to make tutu costumes that are sure to turn heads and get the attention you want. By learning the techniques we teach in our step-by-step instructional course for how to make tutu costumes, you can learn how to make great looking tutus for practically any occasion.

Most of the following tutu costumes are featured in our instructional course, “How To Make Tutu Costumes”. If you would like more information about each of the tutu costumes listed below, please click on the image.

Belle Inspired Tutu Costume

This adorable tutu dress is will instantly turn your little girl into a princess. This tutu costume is flowing with yellow tulle and lined with beautiful flowers. Add a tiara and your little girl will be in tutu heaven. Tutu costumes allow you to magically turn into your favorite princess!

Girl wearing yellow belle tutu dress with yellow flowers

Rapunzel Inspired Tutu Costume

This beautiful tutu dress has become very popular after the hit movie Tangled! This costume is very easy to make and will definitely put a smile on your little girls face.

Girl wearing Rapunzel tutu dress with pink ribbon lace

Cinderella Inspired Tutu Costume

This tutu is very popular and easily recognizable. This tutu dress flows with blue tulle with puffy light blue sleves. Add a choker to this tutu costume and watch your little girl smile.

Girl wearing blue Cinderella tutu dress with blue ribbon

Snow White Inspired Tutu Costume

This 2-piece tutu dress is very unique in the way it’s made. This is one of the most admired tutus for obvious reasons. Tutu costumes are great for taking pictures. Throw in an apple for a perfect snow white picture!

Girl wearing Snow White tutu dress

Witch Tutu Costume

The witch is an easy costume to make. This tutu dress flows with black tulle and a weave of orange and purple tulle strips. Add a black hat and a broom and your witch tutu costume will be a hit at any halloween party. Tutu costumes are very popular on halloween.

Lady Bug Tutu Costume

An absolute favorite for little girls and infants. This tutu costume is made with a red and black tutu skirt and embellished with black pom-poms. Add wings and antennas to bring this little bug to life. Infant tutu costumes are wonderful for taking pictures.

Girl wearing Lady Bug tutu skit with red antennas

Bumble Bee Tutu Costume

This bumble bee tutu is simply adorable. To make this tutu make a multi-colored tutu with yellow and black tulle. Add striped wings and antennas to complete the tutu costume.

Girl wearing yellow and black Bumble Bee tutu dress

Tinker Bell Tutu Costume

The Tinker Bell costume is perhaps the most popular costume to make using a tutu. To make a tinker bell tutu costume make a fluffy pixie tutu using a bright green tulle. Add wings and a wand and your little girl is all set! Tutu costumes are sure to bring out the smile in your little girl.

Girl wearing Tinker Bell tutu with white wings

Peacock Tutu Costume

The peacock tutu is absolutely gorgeous and very fun to make. This tutu costume is made with a variety of tulle colors… navy, aqua, green and gold! Add wings lined with peacock feathers and a gold mask lined with crystals to complete the costume.

Girl wearing Peacock tutu with black wings

Dalmation Tutu Costume

Wow… what a beautiful tutu costume! This tutu is made with flowing white tulle and black pom-poms. Add floopy ears with red bows and your little girl will be full of excitement.

Girl wearing white Dalmatian tutu dress with cute ears

Angel Tutu Costume

This angel tutu dress is angelic! It’s made with flowing white tulle and matching wings that are simply gorgeous! This tutu costume is sure to be the talk of your next party! Wings and wands are great accessories for many tutu costumes.

Girl wearing white angel tutu dress with white wings

Santa Tutu Costume

This santa tutu is the life of every christmas party! This adorable tutu can be made with red and white tulle or just red. Add a santas hat, a black ribbon belt, and cuffs. This holiday tutu makes beautiful christmas pictures! Tutu costumes are becoming more and more popular at all holiday parties.

Girl wearing red and white Santa tutu dress

Turkey Tutu Costume

This turkey tutu is gorgeous. The tail is loaded with its fluffy bright colored tulle strips! This holiday tutu is easy to make and your little girl will love it!

Girl wearing turkey tutu skirt

Additional Ideas For Tutu Costumes:

Punk Rocker Tutu Costume

To make a punk rocker costume start by making a multi-colored, knotty bottom tutu. the more wild the colors, the better the result. Make sure to include a combination of both dark and bright colors. Add some fish net nylons, black boots, wild hair and some jewelry to complete the costume.

Pumpkin Tutu Costume

A pumpkin costume can be designed by making a double layer tutu with orange and green tulle. Make the first layer with long orange strips and the 2nd layer short green strips. Finish the design by adding an orange and green headband.

Black Cat Tutu Costume

The black cat is another easy costume to make. To make a black cat you will start off by making a simple basic tutu using black tulle. Add some black nylons, a black shirt, a kitty tail, kitty ears made from a headband, a neck piece and a little bow. You can pick up some of these extra accessories at your local crafts store.

You can make many different tutu costumes with the right combination of colors and simple accessories. By learning how to make tutu costumes, the possibilities for your next party or holiday are endless.

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