Tutu Styles

Like with any other type of clothing, tutus come in all differents shapes, colors and styles. Over the years people have created more and more styles for making beautiful boutique quality no sew tutus. With all the new styles that have come about in recent years, the possibilities for making unique and fashionable tutus are practically endless.

I think it’s fair to say that no two tutus are the same (unless of course they are put into production and sold in box stores). With all the combinations of styles, techniques, colors, sizes and embellishments, every tutu is a beautiful and unique creation based on the design of its maker.

Learning how to make no-sew tutus can be a lot of fun and very easy to do. The best part is learning how to make no-sew tutus requires absolutely no experience or expertise. Anyone who can follow simple step-by-step instructions and easily learn how to make no sew tutus.

We have put together a comprehensive step-by-step instructional course on how to make beautiful boutique quality tutus. Inside this amazing course we teach you how to make 12 different variations of no sew tutus.

The 12 variations of No Sew Tutus included in our course:

1. Basic Tutu
2. Ribbon Waistband Tutu
3. Double Layer Tutu
4. Reversible Tutu
5. Ribbon Strand Tutu
6. Tripple Layer Tutu
7. Petti Tutu
8. Extra Fluffy Tutu
9. Twisted Bottom Tutu
10. Onesie Tutu
11. Knotty Tutu
12. Flower Pedal Filled Tutu

You will be amazed just how easy you can learn how to make each and everyone of these styles of no sew tutus with our easy to follow step-by-step course. Get started today and make a beautiful tutu for that special little someone in your life!