Witch Tutu

Witch Tutu

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Who says that a witch needs to wear nothing but drab old black dresses? Little ones and older girls alike will love showing off their mischievous and magical side in this fun modern tutu twist on a Halloween classic costume.

This colorful witch’s ensemble is sure to enchant with its flowing black tulle under an orange and purple webbing overlay. This special woven web technique of using brightly colored tulle strips laid over the main tutu naturally creates a very puffy style of tutu skirt for a very unique costume. This web lends itself so well to a Halloween witch outfit when done in the orange, purple and black, but just by changing the colors of tulle you will be able to create even more wonderful tutu designs.

A witch doesn’t have to wear all black, but she does have to have her black pointy hat! And while a simple witch hat might do with an ordinary dress, since this tutu is so fun and interesting, why top it with such a plain headpiece? Line your little witch’s hat with a bit of black fluffy boa and add a couple of flowers in corresponding colors to transform your beautiful witch from wicked to whimsical. If the daughter or niece in your life actually prefers the spooky and the wicked side of witchery, you can always substitute plastic insects or spiders for the flowers. You could even put some on the tutu’s web, to really set off a the creepier look.

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