Make School Cool: 4 Back-to-School Crafts Kids will Love

Back to school, back to school… let’s prove to the kids that mom is cool! Yep, summer is coming to an end and summertime sadness is starting to kick in as the kids realize that school is just around the corner.  Boost their spirits with a back-to-school craft that they’ll love!

Here are a few DIY projects we stumbled upon and just had to share!


Pencil Pouch

Colored pencils wrapped up into a convenient, easy-to-carry pouch? Sign us up! We all know that after the first day of school, backpacks become a cluttered mess of papers, pencils and pieces of pbjs. So, […]

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Creating Crafty Kids: 5 Ways To Encourage Your Children to Craft

Kids are creative and crafting is a great way to help them express their creativity! However, convincing your children to do a craft can sometimes be tricky. Here are five tricks that will help your kids become crafting fanatics!


Spark Their Interest

It’s no secret that kids have short attention spans, so it’s important to pick out a craft that is both age appropriate and involves something your child is interested in. If your child loves monkeys, find a monkey-themed craft!


Find an Answer for “Why”

Wait for it… you’re going to hear this… “Why are we doing this?” Kids always want to […]

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5 Apps Every Crafter Needs

You knit, you sew, you glue. Your junk drawers are filled with ModPodge, threading needles and scrapbook paper. Your free time is spent pinning new ideas and browsing Etsy shops. You are a crafter!
You know first-hand that creating something is fun, but not all that easy. That’s why we’ve found five smartphone apps that will help make your creative life so much simpler.
Fabric Stash
Okay, admit it… you can’t resist buying a few yards of a fabric that just went on clearance. Heck, let’s be honest, as long as there’s a coupon, any roll of fabric is off to the […]

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