Kids are creative and crafting is a great way to help them express their creativity! However, convincing your children to do a craft can sometimes be tricky. Here are five tricks that will help your kids become crafting fanatics!


Spark Their Interest

It’s no secret that kids have short attention spans, so it’s important to pick out a craft that is both age appropriate and involves something your child is interested in. If your child loves monkeys, find a monkey-themed craft!


Find an Answer for “Why”

Wait for it… you’re going to hear this… “Why are we doing this?” Kids always want to know why they doing something. Giving them a detailed answer will satisfy their question and help them get excited about the upcoming project. Since “Because it’s fun” probably isn’t a good enough reason, think about what you’re going to do with the finished piece and prepare an answer such as: Because we’re going to give it to grandma… because we’re going to hang it on the fridge… because we’re going to frame it and hang it on your bedroom wall.


Let Them Lend a Hand

Kids love to help! So, get them excited about your project by including them in every step of the process. Show them a few pictures of projects and let them choose which one they want to do. Then, take them to the arts and craft store to buy supplies. Let them pick out supplies in their chosen color or pattern.


Rule Out The Rules

Okay, moms, go into this thinking “This is going to be messy, but it’s okay!” Tell you kids that this is their project and while you’re going to follow a basic idea, they are free to add something extra, move things around and put their own special spin on it. Be sure to have more supplies than the craft calls for. Items such as pomp oms, colored construction paper, googlely eyes, ribbon, sequins, beads and buttons are great to have on hand.

Also, keep in mind that it’s okay to give them some direction so that the project turns out okay; however, do not over direct them. Too many rules will make them discouraged.


If your child does get discouraged, don’t give up! Try to add a new element to the craft to reignite their interest or take a break and come back to it later on.



Whoops, did you forget to purchase an item? No worries! Help your child think out-of-the-box by finding something in the house that can take the place of this item. Not only will they have fun looking for the item, this exercise will help teach them problem-solving skills.


Happy crafting, kids!