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Prepare the needed supplies to make a Bow Holder. 14″ x 18″ wooden picture frame, 16″ x 20″ piece of fabric, 1 roll of 7/8″ ribbon.

Step 1
Lay the fabric upside down on a flat surface. Place the wooden picture frame upside down on top of the fabric.

Step 2
Apply a layer of glue to the back side of the wooden frame with a hot glue gun. Fold the fabric up and secure it to the frame. Repeat these steps for the remaining sides.

Step 3
Fold the corners of the fabric in and pull the fabric over the wooden frame.

Step 4
Take the ribbon and cut seven strips that measure in length approximately three to four inches past each end of the frame.

Step 5
Line up the ribbon strips upside down and place the frame on top. Each strip should be placed 1 2/8″ apart from each other. Use a ruler on the inside of the frame to mark where the ribbons should be attached.

Step 6
Begin at the corner and apply a layer of glue to the end of the ribbon. Attach the ribbon to the inside of the frame. You may also tack a staple or small nail into the ribbon ends to make them more secure.

Step 7
Continue attaching the remaining ribbon strips to the frame. Turn the frame over and ensure that the ribbon looks neat and the strips are even lengths apart.

Step 8
Personalize your bow holder by adding many fun and beautiful embellishments.

Finished Bow Holder
Congratulations, your bow holder is now finished!