We hope you find these tutu instructions both helpful and useful for learning how to make a tutu. Once you have mastered how to make a tutu, be sure to check out all the other many beautiful styles of tutus you can learn how to make with our instructional courses. Have fun!

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Recommended Supplies
Cutting Tulle
Preparing Your Waistband
Tutu Size Charts



Step 1
For this particular tutu, we will be using the slip knot technique. Take one of your pre-cut strips and fold it in half. Ensure that the ends remain even.
Step 2
Form a loop at the top of the folded side of your tulle strip.
Step 3
Slide the loop behind your elastic waistband. Ensure that the ends of the tulle remain even.
Step 4
Take the two ends and put them through the loop.
Step 5
Pull both ends through the loop.
Step 6
Pull the ends down to tighten your knot. Adjust the knot as needed.
This is how a proper slip knot should look.
Do not pull the knot too tight or it will scrunch the elastic waistband.
Step 7
Continue tying your strips of tulle until you have completely filled your elastic waistband.
Step 8
Slide your knots together to ensure a full and fluffy tutu.
basic tutu finishedStep 9
Finish your tutu by wrapping the waistband with satin ribbon and attaching an embellishment.Your basic tutu is now complete… enjoy!